Welcome to Paradise!

     Imagine stepping into paradise. It begins by stepping onto a beautiful marble floor that leads you into a large room with floor to ceiling glass walls. This allows you to glance out over the water into the endless ocean as you are suspended 14 floors up in what appears to be open air. Hope you aren’t afraid of heights.

     Something is wrong in this view of paradise. You realize the power, or energy, is turned off in the condo. The power company has errantly shut off the power. Oops, no big deal on their part, until you open the refrigerator. Within paradise, even a fridge without power can’t survive. Fruit flies, maggots and germs are feasting on the low energy state. The fridge can’t be spared and must be hauled away to the trash heap.

     The same is true of your body. It is paradise with the right amount of energy. It is a natural energy that only comes from within. *“Disease germs have a dormant intelligence that at an opportune time is roused.” That opportune time is you in a low energy state: victim of self or other induced trauma, lack of rest, lousy, high sugar diet, and poor exercise habits.

     Your energy level is reflected in how tense your body is. Improve the paradise within you.