Walk “in the Fast Lane”

     A recent Friday night victory by the Pirates over the Cards, was followed by 38,000 fans exiting PNC Park at the same time. The walk to your car or catching the “T” can be a great test of your health.

     The first skill required is agility as you weave your way through the mass of people. Some people will come to an instant stop wondering which direction to go. This sudden stop requires you to “slam on your breaks” to avoid sending them crashing to the ground.

     You may need to suddenly jerk your head out of the way as a fan suddenly sticks their elbow out as they bring their iPhone to their ear, totally unaware they could hit someone in the head.

     Awareness and agility are great skills, but research studies show your walking speed is a great reflector of how healthy you are. A fast pace reveals that you are full of vitality or life. Practice walking at a faster pace, you will be turning up your internal health regulator.

     Your chiropractic care has a powerful potential to keep your back, legs and feet healthier. As the low back goes, so goes the legs.