Unlucky 13


monkey see monkey do


   “Is it true that 13 students from Upper St. Clair school district died last year from heroin overdoses?” the patient asked.  Turns out it was topic of discussion at the family gathering on Easter. No, it isn’t true was my response. 13 is correct, but not in the last year alone, but over recent time. I just had this conversation with a USC teacher less than two weeks ago when she lamented losing 13 students to heroin over her career.

   On March 9th of this year, violence broke out at a Wilkinsburg backyard party leaving six victims dead. This incident was reportedly drug related.

   Whether the cushy, affluent suburbs or closer to the inner city, we live in a drug culture. “How do our young kids get mixed up with these drugs?” the adults ask as they take another sip of an alcoholic beverage. Meanwhile the nightstand is often the storage place for the medicines they use on a regular basis.

   KIDS ARE A SPONGE FOR INFORMATION, WATCHING EVERTHING GOING ON IN THE HOME.  If you teach them drugs are a solution to problems, they will learn the lesson on their own terms.

   Watch drug ads on TV and notice how life-saving drugs are not sold. The drug ads are for life-style saving drugs.

   A prominent pharmacist once told me “50 % of the drugs younger adults are taking are unnecessary and 90% of the drugs seniors are taking are unnecessary.”

A whopping 90%?!

   Change your lifestyle, change your life. Change your life-style, change your children’s future.