Parenting isn’t easy and unfortunately there is no go to guide that shows the step by step path to success.  With that in mind, I asked a local school teacher with 25 years experience and an excellent reputation, how the students of today compare to 25 years ago.

     There was no hesitation in her answer.  “The kids haven’t changed much, but the parents have.”  In what way I obviously asked.  “Kids today aren’t allowed to fail, screw up, make mistakes and struggle. Hardship is not allowed to readily be seen.”Doesn’t that sound a lot like Facebook where so many post their so called perfect life? 

     She continued “Parents ride in and clean up their kid’s messes and mistakes.  They too often interfere with the child recovering from their own mistakes”. Since we send our kids to school to learn, learning from their mistakes is a most important learning experience, if parents don’t interfere. 

     I loved her last sentiments. “Kids need to toughen up. They need to get some grit. That will never happen as long as their parents do everything for them.” I loved her dedication and passion.  You are lucky to have a teacher like this, and so many other great ones teaching your kids and grandkids. 

     Now let’s talk about your health.  Many people think their MD is supposed to clean up their health mess after the side effect of a messy lifestyle.  MD’s are not trained to help you get healthy.  They are trained to help you have less symptoms.  We would not have an opioid epidemic if they were trained to get you healthy.  As an experienced MD lamented to my friend, a functional medicine chiropractor,  “Help me get healthy. We are not taught in medical school how to be healthy.”  

     Develop the “grit” it takes to be in charge of your health.  Chiropractic care can be a huge part of the process of you taking charge of your posture, diet, activity level, sleep regimen and breathing pattern of a loving, grateful, joy filled superstar.