True Chiropractic Confessions ~ I never cured any disease!

     It is always interesting whenever someone begins a sentence with “the problem with.” What follows typically is a strong, well established opinion. One of the most intriguing “the problem with . . .” that I have ever heard is “the problem with chiropractors is that they think they can cure anything.” This always puzzles me because in 30 years of chiropractic practice I have never met a single chiropractor who claims to cure any diseases. Being a seminar junkie has allowed me to meet many chiropractors throughout the states as well as hear many chiropractic speakers. “Cure all”claims are non existent in my world.

     I am not saying that some chiropractor out there hasn’t made the claim that he or she had the cure for all diseases. Isn’t it a bit harsh to brand an entire profession based on a few lunatics? That would be comparable to meeting the town drunk and assuming that all folks in that town must be drunks.

     Before we get you lost in thinking that this is a defensive rant on chiropractic, I would rather you focus on the power that you have within. We now know that every experience you have in your life is processed through the nervous system. An experience yesterday determines how what you experience tomorrow is processed, again through the nervous system. Chiropractic’s simple philosophy is that a nervous system at ease, also known as relaxed, processes a better life experience. We also now know that nerve endings in the joints are constantly feeding into the brain on how relaxed you are.  Stiff, cranky joints, particularly of the spine, since they are rich in nerve endings, feed irritating impulses into the brain. The brain then feeds irritating impulses back into the body. Basically, learning to relax the mind and moving well  are associated with better health and quality of life. This, by the way, is the basis of chiropractic care. All healing, even miracles, start from within. Personal responsibility never goes out of style. All healing requires accessing the natural powers of the nervous system to heal.

     Yes, it is that simple. It’s hard to believe. Relax and move well. Who would have thought a simple, powerful, objective of chiropractic care is also a simple, powerful objective of your life.