“Top 5 Reasons NOT to Go to a Chiropractor”

Top 5 Reasons NOT to Go to a Chiropractor


1. “Why go to a chiropractor 30 times when you can go to a back surgeon one time?” The woman who used this logic ended up having 3 back surgeries and is now permanently disabled. Yes, it takes time and commitment to go the natural chiropractic way.


2. “They keep you coming back.” A patient started care in this office in his 60’s and came at least one time per month for 35 years. He continued to play golf and tennis into his 90’s. His comment about “coming back” was: “I sure am glad I made the decision years ago to keep up with chiropractic care.”


3. “It’s the placebo effect.” This statement came from an M.D. to his patient when she said she “got better with chiropractic care”. The patient’s response to the M.D. – who blamed her success with chiropractic on the placebo effect – was, “Why didn’t the placebo effect work with your care?”


4. “It’s expensive and most of it isn’t covered by insurance.” So many of our patients have spent thousands – sometimes even tens of thousands – searching for a solution to a health problem prior to starting chiropractic care. The difference is the insurance company paid most of the bill for the tests, drugs, and doctor visits. The cost to you was quality of life, compromised relationships, and increased insurance premiums to you or your employer.


5. “It’s time-consuming going to the chiropractor.” Yes, going to the chiropractor requires your time, which is valuable. It’s been said that taking time out of your day to meditate adds time (quality) to your day (life). The same is true with a quality chiropractic adjustment. You relax better, have more energy and vitality, and patients have even reported, “I think clearer after getting chiropractic care.”