“The Woman Who Changed My Life”




     You’ve heard the story 1,000 times. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. If the boy/young man is willing to get some discipline and get his act together, they just might have a future together.  He does, love grows as does their family.  Actually, this isn’t one of those stories.

     I was vacationing at a condo in Miami when a middle-aged woman rolled up to the bay side pool in her wheelchair. She was instantly engaging, not surprising since she runs one of the most successful salons in the world.  Her salon attracts movie stars and models wanting her skills to enhance their style. Still she was in a wheelchair.

    How did such a lively woman end up in this wheelchair?  She shared how she was recovering from major knee surgery.  It turns out she suffered from a genetic condition that caused her to have unstable joints.  Her body was actually too flexible and readily vulnerable to joint damage.  Pain and recovering from surgery was a regular part of her life.  “Ever been to a chiropractor?”  I asked.  She stated,  “My joints can’t tolerate chiropractic.  I get too sore.”

     This woman had wealth, status, brains and yet no health.  I had to find out why.  It took me two years to find the answer. The answer was just the beginning of a learning journey to discover and understand genetic variants, epigenetics and methylation.  This was the explanation I was seeking for over 30 years. It helped me understand so many of you with so much clarity.  The exciting news is science, of which chiropractic is in the forefront, is providing solutions like never before. With Big Pharma seeking to develop and market more powerful pain killers, there are healthy solutions that can become game changers in your health and life.  We are blessed to be living in an age of powerful solutions.