“The Show Must Go On”

The Show Must Go On

     An old girlfriend used to frequently complain about what she considered to be her number one character flaw.  “I am overly responsible,” she would repeatedly say to me, as she took responsibility for her family, coworkers, and friends.  A treat for her was when someone else did the driving, made the decisions about where to eat dinner, or picked out the movie they would see.  Caring for everybody is quite noble, but it can be wearisome to the overly responsible caregiver.

     Recently, a busy and successful surgeon shared his concern about patient care with me.  “It’s worse than ever,” he said, “People don’t take any responsibility for their health anymore.  They bring me their broken down body and expect a miracle with no side-effects at all.”

     Something that is difficult for people to understand is the connectedness of every part of the body.  We generally don’t have bad parts as much as we have a bad whole.  Since the nervous system runs the whole body, it is best to start there.

     The nervous system is stimulated to good health through movement (exercise) and a proper diet with lots of water, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats.  If you are getting enough activity and eating right, chances are you are managing your stress well, too.

     The “X factor” in health is your level of connectedness to others in your social circle.  Facebook attempts to sell engaging over the internet as being good for your health because it leads to connectedness.  Don’t believe them.  Holding your computer or phone is not the same as holding hands with a friend, family member, or lover.

     Nurture your nervous system and watch how your health improves.  Your nervous system runs your show – and the show must go on!