The Secret of Health

     While scanning the obituaries in the Post Gazette recently, listings for a couple instantly drew my attention. The husband was 75 and the wife 72. Although listed on the same day, they actually died a little over one month apart.

     Realizing the couple were neighbors of my parents. I decided to call my father for some info on why they died so close to each other. Perhaps the answer my father reminded me, is that they were close to each other; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in the end physically. So often we see with couples married for years, when one has passed, the other quickly follows.

     In this particular case, the husband reportedly had terminal cancer and his wife was waiting for him to die. While waiting, she died suddenly even though three years younger than her spouse and cancer free.

     In the end, the cause of death is not found on an MRI report, lab tests, genes or any other medical test we tend to rely on too heavily. We could say she died of heart disease. It comes down to the power of love and the side effects of a broken heart. Yes, we are all connected. If truly luck, you get connected to one special one, even if it kills you after a 50 year affair of the heart. The journey is, however, so much better along the way, even if thick and thin.