“The Road to Financial Ruin”

financial ruinThe Road to Financial Ruin

     Occasionally, a patient will ask as if thinking out loud, “Can I afford chiropractic care?”  A more empowering question to start with is, “Can I afford NOT to be truly healthy?”

     My girlfriend’s brother-in-law, an expert in finances, helps couples and individuals dig themselves out from their financial messes.  “Why do people get in so much trouble with their finances?” I asked.  “There are three reasons,” was his response.

    The first being blatant overindulgence or buying what you can’t afford repeatedly.  The second reason is the hidden credit card or bank account in which a spouse or partner hides financial expenses from their significant other.  Surprisingly, 23% of couples hide their financial truth from their partner according to LendEDU, a New Jersey-based lending company (2.14.17 PGH PG article).  Lastly, but perhaps more devastatingly, are the costs and side-effects of cancer treatment and spinal surgery.

     How ironic that the man who shared this information with me recently witnessed his sister-in-law in Florida go from full-time employment to having back surgery for a routinely treatable back condition.  One spinal surgery led to 3 within 2 months, rendering her unable to work due to chronic pain.

     Although I’ve always wanted to be your #1 health cheerleader, I have found I am not up to the job.  YOU need to be your #1 health cheerleader.  I will be 1A!

     Health is truly your natural state.  Disease occurs when you interfere with your nature.  Chiropractic care restores your healthy nature by removing interference to the nervous system doing its amazing thing: keeping you living, loving, and laughing.