The Number’s Game




     One silver-back gorilla was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo recently by zoo-keepers attempting to save the life of a 4 year old who fell into the gorilla’s zoo enclosure. Was it the powerful mischievous nature of a 4 year old boy, careless and/or distracted parents or poor zoo safety barriers that set up the incident?

     The killing of the gorilla is regretful, yet it seemed to produce more outrage than the upset over 30,000 humans killed by guns every year or the 250,000 humans who die each year reacting to medical errors.

     Have we become so conditioned by TV that we need a sensationalized event, such as a 4 year old falling into a gorilla’s enclosure, to get our attention as to what is right and what is wrong?

     One gorilla dead, over 30,000 humans die from guns, 250,000 humans die from medical errors and we need to discuss the one gorilla? Let’s write blogs (as I and others have done), write about it on Facebook, in newspapers, online editorials, editorial cartoons and bypass the 280,000 annual deaths of humans. Perhaps it is easier to think that we can solve the problem of one gorilla dying so we can bypass solutions when it comes to saving human lives.

     The solution starts with respect for all human life. Perhaps the solution lives in education about how proper lifestyle brings life to your body and then impacts those around you.

     The solution is easy. Its application is hard, especially in a society that resists change, wants instant gratification and is lacking in valuing the lives of all.

     Chiropractic honors the incredible power you have within. Start valuing life by starting with yourself.