The Mysterious Miracle of Chiropractic Care

The Mysterious Miracle of Chiropractic Care

     This is a true story, like a murder mystery but without the murder.  When I was a young boy around the age of nine, I broke my back falling from the second story of a newly framed house.  The fall was instantaneous and incredibly painful.  Since I had disobeyed my parents by even being in this home under construction, letting them know about my fall was not an option.  My back healed rather quickly, but “the body never forgets,” as a wise woman once told me.   Anything you’ve ever experienced, both good and bad, is inside of you.

     Patients often remark, “But that happened so long ago!”  It, whatever “it” was, is inside your “master computer” (also known as your nervous system), all recorded for recall in the story of your ongoing life.  A healthy lifestyle, however, keeps the bad stuff quiet.

     Here is where the mystery begins when a guardian angel pays me a visit.  At the age of 12, I learned about chiropractic.  I was introduced to my best friend’s father, who happened to be a chiropractor.  This man, Conrad Matz, seemed so full of life to my 12-year-old perception.  This made me want to learn to do just what he was doing as a chiropractor.

     While I was discovering chiropractic care at this young age, my future freshman roommate at WVU, Kerry, was discovering his passion for caring for animals.  It came natural to him and, after meeting a vet, he became committed to becoming a veterinarian.

     With my undiagnosed fracture in my back, I proceeded to learn through chiropractic care that the body is self-healing and regulated by the nervous system, which is reflected in a healthy spine.

     Unfortunately, at the age of 18, Kerry lacked the discipline he needed to hit the books and ended up dropping out of college.  He went on to marry his high-school sweetheart and had three lovely daughters.  They moved to the state of Indiana, where he became a power plant manager.  After he left WVU, we kept in touch via an annual January phone call.  I also married young, quickly having two kids on my way to four.

     The month of January is always a reminder of the year that Kerry didn’t call.  His wife called instead, letting me know that Kerry had died recently following his back surgery at the age of about 30.  I broke my back, learned chiropractic care, and live on while a passionate vet- in-waiting died from back surgery. What a mystery.   Without my chiropractic background, I could have easily had multiple back surgeries – tell me that isn’t divine intervention nudging me toward natural health and wellness.  Some call it good luck, I call it God luck!

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