The Missing Ingredient from New Year’s Resolutions

     Why don’t New Year’s resolutions work for most people? Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, we all resolve to be better at one time or another. The joke among gym users is “be patient in January while the New Year’s resolutioners occupy the place.” The expectation is that they will disappear by the end of the month. Where do they go? Why such short resolve to improving their health and their life, no doubt?

     Just as any great chef knows the right ingredients to a masterful entree, they also know that leaving out an ingredient can ruin the meal. New Year’s resolutions require one key ingredient that make them work. That key ingredient is time.

     “Time is the final currency, not money, not power,” according to aging rock star, David Crosby. Time has the power to buy you the health you desire. It is served up in the form of persistence. American’s, in this age of instant gratification and drive thru’s, have been fooled into thinking everything, especially their health, can be achieved instantly and easily. Too few operate from the grandfatherly saying, “anything worth having is worth working for.”

     In a medical world that serves up a pill for every illness, we have been fooled into believing that the pill will make us well. The pill only changes how we feel, not how healthy we are. Time and persistence is the direction you need to go to improve your life, especially your health.

     Nature tends to work in 90 day cycles, as seen in 90 day seasons or even the 9 month pregnancy, consisting of 3 trimesters, each 90 days. Chiropractic has always been aware that time is the key ingredient in improving health. Time and right action can significantly improve your life. “If you don’t take the time to be healthy, you better set aside time to be sick, because you surely will be” is another appropriate old saying.

     Time is the missing ingredient between you and having a great 2012. Give yourself at least 90 days toward achieving your New Year’s resolutions. Be patient and persistent.