The Keepers of Your Posture

     As another school year is winding down, I am reminded of a gift that teachers used to provide our society that has gone by the wayside. The intent of this blog is not to criticize teachers, it is to show how we have changed in our society. Teachers were the keepers of posture, even resorting to a ruler to the back of a slouching student. Whack!

     Proper posture is a powerful tool. It is a very simple tool in becoming healthier. When we stand up straight or sit up straight, we feel better and naturally have more energy and strength running through our bodies. In the previous generation it was routine for a teacher to say to a student, “Sit up straight”, “Stand up straight”. It was a basic part of instruction similar to learning the ABC’s, or reading and writing.

     With our hands off approach to teaching so as not to have our touch be misinterpreted, it seems that teachers overseeing posture has totally gone. It has now become the domain of chiropractors, and I do honor this significant teaching tool in helping others improve their health. It would be so much better for society if teachers took over or took back the responsibility of reminding kids to grow into adults who sit and stand tall. In the meantime, sit tall and stand tall. Your body will appreciate it.