“The Good Finders”

The Good Finders

     A book I read so long ago I’ve long forgotten the title talked about a powerful principle to improve your life.  It is the principle of being a “good finder”.  This means looking initially for the good in others as opposed to the searching for the deficiencies we all have.  Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the good, but – like mining for gold – the return will enrich your heart.

     There is a lot of good in others.  Recently, a patient shared the story of losing his wallet at a Steelers game.  With no luck checking the obvious places, he was told to ask Guest Relations.  Sure enough, they had his wallet:  cash, credit cards, license and pictures of his loved ones all left untouched.  This just reinforces there’s no one like a Steelers fan!

     Another patient told me a story in which she sought no credit but deserved it big time.  She reported overextending her back after raking leafs for 4 hours.  I asked if the leafs were from her trees or a neighbor’s.  She replied, “They were mine, so I raked the neighbor’s yard also.”  When was the last time your neighbor raked your yard because their leafs ended up blowing into your yard?  How about never!  Someone taught this woman to be a blessing to others, and I expect blessings come back to her like a boomerang.

     You have great people in your life with heartwarming stories of their own.  You may even be the source of their stories.  Practice the habit of being a “good finder” and spread kindness around you.