“The Gift that Keeps on Giving”


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

     Years ago, an elderly grandmother had a system for giving gifts at Christmas and birthdays.  Regardless of your age or significance of the birthday, you received a check for $5.  I always appreciated this gift.  Even if $5 wasn’t considered a lot to most, it was to me at the time.  I admired her systematic approach to gift-giving – a system she never wavered from.

     Your body works systemically to give you the gift of life.  Just as the grandmother was the source of the $5 check, your body’s source is the nervous system.  The nervous system systematically allows your body to work and never wavers from its systems.  As the boss of your body, the nervous system directs all the other systems (cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, etc.) to work exactly as it commands.

     The goal of the nervous system is twofold.  The first goal is to have you survive.  This can be effortless for your brilliant nervous system.  The second is for you to thrive.  This requires you to challenge your nervous system through self-discipline in any area you choose. 

     Just as I felt I was thriving when I received my $5 gift, you can easily see there is so much more to receive.  What are you training your nervous system to receive?  It is a wonderful master and servant.