The Domino Effect of Allergy Season

     Not to be crude but… Ouch! The pain of not having a bowel movement had become the focus of the day. This lovely, young lady could focus on nothing else other than awaiting the glorious moment her body would call her to the bathroom.

     What started this traumatic state of constipation? How about allergies, or more appropriately, the standard treatment for allergies. Some believe they are not allowed to have a runny nose so they reach for the variety of allergy meds. The primary side effect; drying out your body like a grape to a raisin. The same medication that dries out your nose dries out your colon. Dry colon equates to constipation, sometimes severe. Straining at the stool often aggravates the low back and can also lead to hemorrhoids. See how like dominoes a person’s health can deteriorate?

     Decrease the sugar, increase the water, get adjusted and tolerate some seasonal stuffiness. Your body will appreciate the TLC and you will be much happier.

     Take a chance on healthy habits.