“The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Man”

shrinking manThe Case of the Incredible Shrinking Man

     In this age of cell phones, their cues remind us of when we need to be somewhere or what we need from the grocery store.  Every once in a while, however, we need a reminder that just does not fit into the cell phone system.

     Years ago, a heavyset gentleman drove down from the Oil City area.  Someone had referred him to our office and he felt his health challenges were significant enough to put forth the effort and endure the long drive in order to get better.

     As time went on, this gentle country cowboy began feeling and moving better.  One of his neighbors noticed a significant change in his appearance and asked, “What’s up with the weight loss?”  He explained, “I go to a chiropractor in Pittsburgh who helped me lose weight.”  She immediately called our office, willing to take the 90 minute drive to find out our secret weight-loss formula.

     This secret formula, in fact, was not a secret.  What we did was help the patient feel better and move better, which leads to feeling more alive.  When you feel better, you naturally become more active and start making healthier choices.  No secret at all, is it?

     I love the unintended positive side-effects patients share about chiropractic care, be it sleeping better, healthier digestion, easier to exercise and many others – even weight loss!

Your best self is waiting to come out and play!