” The Best Form of Control is Self-Control”

“The Best Form of Control is Self-Control”

     An old friend expressed her frustrations openly.  “He drives me crazy!  He is so cheap!”  I didn’t know him.  I do know that a coin has two sides and we have access to both sides.  A person may be cheap in one area and generous in another.  I challenged my friend by telling her everyone is cheap about something.   “Not me,” she responded, “I am definitely not cheap about anything.” With further questioning she admitted she is cheap about buying coffee or tea.  She would rather stop at a filthy gas station where tea or coffee is under a dollar than spend $4.00 at a spruced-up Starbucks.  Just as we are cheap as well as generous, we can be smart about many things and stupid about others. 

     Is it possible to be really smart yet stupid about your health?  I see it all the time.  It starts with giving up responsibility for your health to another person, be it your doctor or spouse.  Stay in charge.  Wheeling Hospital was recently charged by the Department of Justice for condoning unnecessary surgeries to improve their bottom line.  Their advisor was the former CEO of the beloved Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  On the pharmaceutical front, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer, who jointly sell the drug Xarelto, had to pay out $775 Million to settle over 25,000 lawsuits.   Apparently, they failed to warn people that bleeding to death was a significant side effect!

     Drugs always have side effects, whether you feel them or not.   And, surgery is never minor.  This is one case where “never” applies.  Stay in charge of you and your health.  You know most of the rules to being healthy.  Those rules, unfortunately, cannot be beaten.  Overcome.  Be patient.  Advocate for yourself.  And remember, the best form of control is self-control.