The Baby is on Time (the Dr’s Time)

     Years ago when attending Palmer college, we had a wise professor brought in to teach us a course on obstetrics and gynecology. What made this teacher unique is she was an experienced obstetrician from New Zealand. The only thing I recall from that class was her comment “If an obstetrician does a lot of C-sections they are not a very good obstetrician.” In New Zealand, C-sections were frowned upon as an unnecessary and intrusive surgery. The obstetrician was expected to be more resourceful in their skills to prevent the need for the C-section. In the US the C-section rate is among the highest in the world.

     In the U.S., many women have heard “once a C-section, always a C-section.” Recently my daughter was due to deliver her 3rd child; the other two had arrived by C-section. Gathering knowledge that a C-section is avoidable, she was able to talk to her obstetrician armed with knowledge. With the due date rapidly approaching, she was informed by the doctor that her C-section was scheduled for 5:00 pm on July 24, 2015. When questioning the doctor who would be doing the C-section, she was told it was to be a doctor she had never met. The 5pm surgery time did not fit well with her Type I diabetes concerns as well. None of her concerns bothered her doctor as it was more convenient for their practice to do the surgery at 5 pm on the 24th.

     Emboldened with knowledge and belief there are other great obstetricians out there, my daughter fired the OB practice. The result: a healthy baby was born by natural delivery 30 hours after her previously scheduled C-section. Mom now gets to enjoy her baby without the struggles of recovering from major surgery. Having a baby is a natural process that has occurred since the beginning of time. Attempt to turn it into a science will never surpass the supremacy and beauty of nature.