Tennis, Life Champion Receives Chiropractic Care

     Although more focus is put on guilt by association, success by association is equally prevalent. How many people thought themselves successful because they had the honor of a lunch with Bernie Madoff or talked football with Jerry Sandusky? A friend recently shared with me how fortunate he always felt to be in Sandusky’s presence. “He was just so charismatic and funny”, he stated. We have to be so careful before we label anyone a true hero.

     Not all is lost though. A true hero and champion athlete lives in our midst, right here in Western Pa. Bob Dickman, age 92, recently won the Bob O’Connor Summer Tennis Classic. He played in the “Over 80 Co-Ed Doubles” division. A tournament like this fits nicely into Bob’s three time per week tennis schedule.

     Bob is so much more than a tennis champion. He is a life champion. How many people can say that their wife is their best friend after 60 years of marriage? He is quick to give his wife, Gene, all the credit for his success. He was President of International Sales for Giltspur, an exhibit/marketing company, before retiring decades ago.

     Beyond being fortunate to have a great marriage, he adores his two surviving daughters. His other daughter, Cathy, died approximately 5 years ago. Bob and Gene stepped right in and became annual fund raisers to work to defeat the disease that claimed their daughter’s life.

     He delivers “Meals on Wheels” each week to senior shut ins. Bob could easily plead old age and nobly drive the car. Instead he actually delivers the meals door to door.

     I first met Bob over 30 years ago when he sought chiropractic care. He has probably “been adjusted”, a phrase that refers to receiving chiropractic care, one to two times per month since that first meeting. Is Bob “addicted” to chiropractic care? Certainly not since it is not something that a person can be addicted to. Bob just prefers an active, healthy lifestyle, and believes chiropractic care helps fill that need. One of the greatest compliments he ever gave me was when he said, “I am happy I chose to receive this care regularly over the past 30 years.” He does have the tendency to repeat the joke, “Maybe I will go see a real doctor.”. I love him anyway.

     As Charles “Tremendous” Jones once said, “life is all about the people you meet and the books you read”. What a blessing to meet and help Bob.