“Teach Your Children”

Teach Your Children

     How’s teaching your children going? The beauty of being a grandparent is letting go of any agenda and just loving my grandkids. As a parent, we often have an agenda…

• Awareness of a higher power?
• Know the golden rule?
• Focused on getting the best education?
• Being the best in sports?
• Bedroom and bathroom kept neat and clean?

     That’s a broad list that covers a lot of ground. What about teaching your child to be healthy? Is that part of the plan?

     Whether you realize it or not, you are teaching your kids to become healthy or unhealthy adults. Does your health depend on pills, supplements, over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs? Even the supplements can teach health comes in pill form. Are surgeries a quick solution to health problems? Expect your child to follow suit.

     Kids are like sponges watching and learning from you. Do you smoke and drink? Expect your child to model your behavior. Curse like a sailor? Ditto that behavior.
Teach your children to be healthy in a way that makes them responsible for maximizing their health future and their future in general.