“Take Charge of Your Health”

Take Charge of Your Health

     The middle-aged woman completed her intake forms at the doctor’s office and handed them to the nurse.  It was time for the patient’s annual physical as required by her health insurer.  “Wait,” said the intake nurse in an irritated tone as she reviewed the patient’s forms, “you didn’t list your pharmacy.”

     The patient failed to understand why the nurse appeared frustrated, as if she was causing her trouble.   “We need a pharmacy,” the nurse repeated.  “Put down CVS since they cover drugs under my plan,” responded the patient.  What followed next was quite humorous.  The nurse requested the phone number for the pharmacy even though she was told the patient wasn’t taking any medication.

     Those who choose not to take medications are what could be called outliers – as in they exist outside the norm.  Approximately 10% of our population does not take medicine.  Notice I used the word “choose” to describe taking medicine. Life can be messy, and every one of us could take a pill for this or that.  Fortunately, in this information age we live in things are changing.  People are now choosing to say no to prescription drugs and surgeries because they realize the side-effects of each can cause more and longer lasting side-effects than any benefit.

     I’ve taken medication in the past to help me through a rough patch. Fortunately, it’s been rare and only for a brief period of time.  Discontinuing taking medicine was always a negotiation between me and the MD who was open to an intelligent reason for stopping.

     The point is to stay in charge of your own health and your health choices, including your right to decide whether or not to take medicine.  Steer towards improving your lifestyle as a solution.  Bruce Springsteen isn’t the only boss in town!