Summer is Over

     Summer’s over and it is time to put away Alice Cooper’s record ranting “schools out”. Actually it’s back in session and we have a request of teachers, parents and grandparents. Get out the yard stick and get back to straightening up the posture of our youth.

     With this forward leaning society searching for their life in cell phones, electronic tablets or computers; we have the potential to slowly lose our health through poor posture.

Here are the simple facts:

• You are more relaxed as well as more energetic with improved posture.

• You are naturally stronger with improved posture.

• You hurt less, aka feel better with improved posture.

• You are less vulnerable to get sick with improved posture.

• Poor posture increases nerve and muscle tension which then impacts the immune system.

…and lastly…you actually look more beautiful, if that is possible, with improved posture. Ever see a fashion model slouch down the runway? Think about it.

     We also carry yardsticks in our office because we know that you become your best more easily with great posture.