“Summer Creatures”


Summer Creatures

     “Can I come in a little later? The exterminator is here longer than expected?” This is a common request in the late spring as we fend off the ants that desire to move in like squatters.

     People can also use chiropractic care like they approach ridding their home of ants.  The ant is like a pain you certainly didn’t invite into your body. The pain is the unwelcomed guest you want gone and will do anything, including chiropractic care, to get rid of.

     I admit I don’t like ants and I don’t like pain.  I approach ridding both with the same attitude.  Getting rid of ants requires being more careful with crumbs and food the ants like to munch on.  Pain requires a broader lifestyle adjustment, perhaps less sugar, more or less exercising, more water, and perhaps less hours spent doing yardwork.

     The bigger view is what is your nervous system reflecting about your inner environment and your future?  Touching a person, talking to a person and simply looking at a person are powerful tools to see how someone is doing.

     Treat your pain as a messenger from your body wanting you to clean up your lifestyle in some way.  Become a detective to figure out short comings in your lifestyle the same way you figure out the source of the ants.