“Stuck in a Rut?”

stuck in a rutStuck in a Rut?

     Standing next to a distinguished looking elderly man in the Hallmark store, his loud sigh was impossible to ignore.  “You alright?” I asked.  “Doing this 52 years and it never gets easier,” he replied. “This” referred to picking out a loving card for his wife.  52 years of practicing the same old habits and behaviors can grow wearisome.  It reinforces the saying “People can’t change”.

     Let’s set aside hardcore cynicism for a moment and be honest.  Of course people can change.   Laura Hillenbrand’s best-seller and Angelina Jolie’s movie “Unbroken” is a perfect example of what’s possible.  It’s a beautiful true story of one man’s dramatic change from a life of total self-destruction (alcohol, pornography, and self-indulgence) to complete embracing of a peaceful life of service to others.

     In this office, our goal is to help you through chiropractic care: learn to relax better, move well, and shift your health beliefs to empower you.  The greatest excitement occurs when a patient develops health beliefs that allow them to see the power they have within to influence their health future.  This is change with staying power, and it certainly beats taking countless prescriptions each month for eternity.

     People can change, and hopefully for the better.  You will see the change in an elderly couple that reignites the spark of love and takes on a countenance of joy. 

     My hope is the wonderful man in the card store gets to rediscover the joy of picking out a card that touches his wife’s heart.  Like health, it starts inside.  At least he was putting the effort in by getting her a card!