“Stop the Madness – Part 1”

Stop the Madness – Part 1

     The patient complained of thigh pain and numbness.  Sounds like a possible sciatic nerve problem, doesn’t it?  The additional clue was the growing hard spot in the center of the right thigh.  It was too localized to be a tumor.  So, what was it?

     The hardening muscle and nerve tingling were the body’s response to repeated trauma.  It turned out the patient had developed a habit of accidentally smacking his thigh with his racket while playing racquetball.  Initially, it hurt; but, with repeated hits, the body went on defense to protect itself.  More signs and symptoms were a request by his body to change something.  The habit was actually subtle enough that the patient wasn’t even aware he was hurting himself.

     Let’s not throw too many stones at the self-abusing racquetball player.  We all love our habits that gradually injure ourselves.  How often do you sit or stand tall like a champion?  Patients will show up with a bad back but want to maintain the sitting habits of a slouch.  How about the person who wants to be fit but isn’t willing to give up the sweets?

     A positive change takes some form of sacrifice.  Only one or two small changes can often make a huge difference in your overall wellbeing.  Have the courage and discipline to become your best.