Stop Killing Yourself


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    After decades of working with patients, the first law of health and life is “Stop Killing   Yourself.” This is a universal law applying to all equally.

    After seeing genuinely great people get themselves into seriously life threatening  health conditions, it’s time to speak out. I witness bad diets with misunderstandings about what is and what isn’t good for you, (soda vs diet soda, sugar vs sugar substitute). I witness the misuse and overuse of prescription and over the counter drugs. Two universal responses follow an introduction to a conversations about meds.  The first attitude is, “I need my meds, the others shouldn’t be using theirs”. The second is, “I don’t have any side effects, so it must be working, right?”

    Please remember the most common side effect of drugs is worsening what you are treating. An anti-depressant causes depression. An anti-inflammatory causes inflammation. Most drugs give you a better today followed by a worse tomorrow. Sounds a lot like the side effects of a night out that includes a lot of alcohol!

   Please think deep for a minute. Are your drugs saving your life or your lifestyle? If life, by all means take them. If lifestyle, stop the madness. Please ask us how you can create a more lively future.