“Stop Killing Yourself”

    Stop Killing Yourself

     One of my favorite sayings is from Mother Teresa. She said “You can’t give from an empty cup.” She could just have easily said “Stop killing yourself” because both quotes imply the same meaning.

     So often I meet patients, particularly women and especially mothers, who do so much for others and end up putting themselves into a worn out, painful state. Whatever happened to taking care of yourself so you have more to give? Consider doing so as an act of love for your family.

     I know a young man who is so in love with his family, he pays no discipline and little attention to his own health and well-being. All his hard work to take care of his family will be eaten up by hospital bills, medication costs, and possibly even funeral expenses – his funeral, of course.

     You being your best – a full cup of you – is what you deserve and so does your family. Mother Teresa was a smart lady. “You can’t give from an empty cup” – get to work on filling yours up!