Steve Jobs and Your Chiropractic Care: An Apple a Day

     Steve Jobs reportedly had only one book down loaded on his iPad. This book, The Autobiography of a Yogi , was given to everyone attending his memorial service. George Harrison of Beatle fame also reported how the extraordinary words of Paramahansa Yogananda changed his behavior.

     Yogananda’s beautiful “The Second Coming of Christ” written prior to 1952 states, “The primary medicine of the future will be rays, the vibratory nature of which is more compatible with atomic nature of the human body. Healing rays can reach into the atomic disorder of cells in chronic diseases. There is also much healing energy in the sun’s rays, although the harmful effects of overexposure must be avoided.”

     “Spinal adjustments and massage are effective promoters of healing for they release obstructed life force to carry out its functions as the sure healer of physical diseases.”

     In recent years the medical community has gotten in agreement with Yogananda regarding the power of the sun to improve health. Vitamin D, stimulated in our body through exposure to the sun, is now routinely prescribed, with numerous benefits.

     The primary technique used in this office is Torque Release Technique (TRT). TRT uses a tool that sends a 64Hz frequency into the nervous system to relax the body at a very deep level. Isn’t this vibratory input similar to Yogananda’s belief system of over a half a century ago?

     Steve Jobs, George Harrison and Yogananda were unusual thinkers from different walks of life. We continue to benefit from their talents, vision and thinking still today.