“Software Upgrade”

Software Upgrade

     We live in a world where technology advances happen from year to year now, not just in decades or centuries.  My son recently leased a new car for three years.  After describing all the bells and whistles as well as its advanced safety features, he explained to me the benefit of leasing versus buying.

     “Cars change so much in three years now that you may as well just lease,” he stated.  He is right.  We are looking at shifting to driverless cars in the very near future.  Notice how cell phones keep coming out with more advanced technology?  My father even ditched his flip phone for a smart phone at the age of 83.

     With all the various technological advances in science and healthcare over the years, one thing has not changed.  If you want to see how someone is doing, you touch them.  We know newborn babies thrive when they’re touched.  Just as a flower in full bloom – or “full expression” – is soft, you are at your best when you’re soft.  A relaxed body reflects higher energy and ease of movement.  The professional athletes we have seen in this office often have a soft tone to their bodies.  Since being “soft” has a negative connotation, many prefer the world “supple” to describe their tone.  Soft or supple – it’s the same thing.

     A harder body reflects lack of ease, or dis-ease.  This becomes very noticeable whenever we work with a terminally ill patient.  Their body hardens at the feet and legs, as life is rapidly fading away.

     Being soft is healthy.  Being hard (think rigor mortis) is a sign of loss of life.  Here in our office, we will continue to help you soften up so you can be at the best and fullest expression of yourself.