Soft in the Summer, Soft in the Spring

     What does a Hall of Fame pro football player have in common with a cement contractor? The football player busted his butt on a football field in the fall and winter and the cement contractor busted his butt in the spring, summer and early fall.  Early in his career, the pro football player had softness to his muscle tone that was amazing. He was strong as an ox, revered for his ability to do his job and seldom injured. I quickly realized his “soft” tone was a reflection of a highly efficient and effective nervous system.

     The cement contractor needs “soft” to allow him to perform his craft. When asking recently when cement season starts, his response was “as soon as the ground softens.”  Mother Nature requires soft ground to allow her spring brilliance to show off. A pro football player needs a soft body to perform at a high level. A cement contractor needs soft ground to spruce up the outside of your house. Soft is the key in your body, and it’s the side effect of a properly functioning nervous system. That is our goal with chiropractic care. Relax the nervous system and get you moving better. It can only help you have a healthier future

     Now think soft and think spring!