“Selective Memory”


       “Selective Memory?”

          Do you have any memory of how you drove your parents crazy as a kid, especially as a teenager?  As we get older our memory goes through a natural progression of eliminating a lot of bad memories.  You think you were a generally good kid, perhaps an angel, and so do your parents.  Admit it.  You really weren’t a teenage angel.

          I appreciate the tricks my memory plays on me.  The biggest memory trick I see in practice is a person recalling an auto accident.  Often, I hear “It was only minor” or “I wasn’t hurt at all.”  If the accident happened years ago, many believe that since it is a vague memory it couldn’t possibly have any lasting effect on their body and health today.

          Does every auto accident damage your body?  I would say no, but most do.  The laws of physics do not change and the weight of a car moving at any speed causes a high amount of force to be absorbed by your body. 

          When a person shares with me, “Oh, that accident was so long ago it couldn’t cause any damage now,” my follow up is “Does a pro football player have any lingering effects 30 years later?” 

          Auto accidents require a high level of effort and persistence to overcome.  Time and action create change, not just time itself.  Be patient with us as we are patiently persistent in helping you overcome the effects of an auto accident.  You’re worth it!