Scaredy – Cat

     What happens when the nervous system gets stuck in stress or fear mode and wants to run to safety? It turns out a Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Barrett Barnes is a scaredy-cat. So is 1998 Mr. America Chris Zaino.

     Barrett Barnes is an exceptional athlete drafted by the Pirates to play outfield. Now in his early 20’s, injuries suddenly struck, preventing this prized athlete from progressing. Part of the solution was to retrain his nervous system from “fight or flight” to a more relaxed state. His nervous system was subconsciously in a scared state telling him to “run” to safety even when relaxing. The result was loss of ability to “run” anywhere. A more relaxed body and mind leads to a less frequently injured body. Love how the Pittsburgh Pirates are getting smarter…and winning.

     Mr. America’s body was so overloaded with “fight or flight” he developed ulcerative colitis. His nervous system told him to “run” to the bathroom, frequently with poor results. After spending “100’s of thousands” on traditional medical care such as chemo and prescription drugs with surgery recommended as the final solution, Chris turned to chiropractic care to relax the nervous system and allow the body to heal itself. This resulted in a complete recovery.

     We routinely do a Pulse Wave Profile test to determine if your nervous system is in “fight or flight.” Chiropractic care helps the nervous system relax and allow the best of you to show up.