Reinforcing a Healthy Lifestyle

     Recently while dining out with a group of people, a man in his 40’s bemoaned his recent onset of low back pain. His concern, naturally, was the persistence of the condition. His longtime friend quickly requested he look to the cause as an accumulation of life’s events and activities affecting the back. How brilliant it was to hear this perspective. We are taught, incorrectly, to look at anything that goes wrong in our body as an event such as “I fell down the stairs”.

     We know that anything good, as well as bad in life is an accumulation of behaviors. You don’t become an architect, for example, because someone gave you a diploma. You started with a decision to become an architect, followed by years of study.

     Health is no different. You make a decision to be healthier, followed by active consistent behaviors of a healthy person. Simple yes, but still requires work. One of the greatest benefits of chiropractic care is reinforcing a healthy lifestyle.