“Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect”

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

     As I slowly proceeded driving through a tricky intersection, a car with the right of way patiently let me proceed.  We gave each other a courtesy wave (with all five fingers) and moved on.

     Any experienced driver knows you make mistakes. If, however, we help each other out, we can avoid many accidents.  Experience, or “practice”, makes a difference.

     A recent study of care at the prestigious Mayo Clinic revealed doctors successfully diagnose the patient’s condition at a 1 out of 8 rate.  That 12% rate is a failure at any level.

     What we can learn from this study is confirmation that medicine, same as chiropractic, is a practice.  We “practice” on our patients, hopefully with a high degree or skill, experience, and intelligence.

     So often the medical profession will say, “You must see an MD first before going to a chiropractor so you can see exactly what is wrong.”  At an average of a 12% success rate, why bother?

     One of the beauties of chiropractic care is we assess the function of your nervous system.  Your nervous system is what makes you uniquely you.  If it is functioning at a high level, you have the potential to thrive.  Interference with your nervous system leads to you being less than your best.

Every chiropractic visit at our office is founded on
helping your nervous system function in a higher level!