Playing Second Fiddle

     A dear friend of mine, often states, “I went to my ‘real doctor’ recently.” He then chuckles and expresses his gratitude for how chiropractic care has helped him stay healthy and active into his 90’s.

     I love the power of chiropractic care to influence and awaken the health potential within a person. I also realize that in our society the medical doctor must play a primary role similar to that of first violin in an orchestra. Emergency procedures provided by a skilled medical doctor are truly priceless.

     I love harmonies, falling in love with Crosby , Stills , Nash and Young’s 3 or 4 part harmonies instantly decades ago. I look for harmony throughout my surroundings. Chiropractic care looks for a body and its owner to express harmony. The opposite of internal harmony is dis-ease.

     How powerful is harmony in your body? I will share a simple metaphor provided by masterful author Mark Link, “a famous conductor was asked which instrument was hardest to play? He instantly replied, second fiddle. No second fiddle, no harmony. It is as simple as that.”

     Without proper movement and a relaxed nervous system, there is no harmony in your body and life. I will gladly play second fiddle to keep your nervous system in tune. Live large, give large.