Penguins Defeat Philadelphia Flyers on the Beach




      On Hollywood Beach in South Florida, an early twenty something woman was heading into the ocean. While many may have been focused on her bikini, the Pittsburgh Penguin hat caught all of my attention.

     “From Pittsburgh?” I asked the stranger.

     “Philadelphia ,” she responded. “My parents say they must have done a really lousy job of parenting to have created a Penguins fan.”

     Her journey started with a trip to The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. On the way home they stopped in Pittsburgh and the love for the city was ignited. Another trip followed with a chance to see the Pens at Consol. She is now hooked on our hometown team and city. The delightful young lady shared her intention to finish her college degree and find a job in Pittsburgh.

     It took this young lady thinking differently than the Philadelphia herd to become a lover of the Stanley Cup Champions and our winning city. Thinking differently than the herd will help you win with your health. Chiropractic care in this office is part of you creating a winning, healthier future.