Moving Well is Your Greatest Strength

     Have you ever met someone you couldn’t help but like? They show up in your life, teach you a lesson and then move on.

     I first met Jason at a gym where I was lifting weights. Jason was a big young man, mid 20’s; approximately 225 pounds. You couldn’t help but notice; rather hear Jason as he exercised. He would let out loud yells as he lifted heavy weights. He was not shy about putting his heart, soul and body into each life.

     It turned out Jason was always training for the “Scottish games”, a competition in which heavy logs and stones and other items are heaved across a field. Although a fierce competitor, Jason had the demeanor of a saint, calm, peaceful and outwardly content.

     In his day job, Jason was an excellent teacher to youth, sharing values that would serve them well throughout their life.

     The chiropractic twist on this story is Jason ended up in my office needing care following a lifting injury. So often patients proclaim that “if I were stronger I wouldn’t have any problems.” How did this myth develop such staying power? Start with moving well through going for walks, yoga, Pilates, proper pushups and any other form of movement you enjoy. Throw in a chiropractic check up to help achieve nerve balance and you are on your way. Jason was obviously stronger than 99% of the population.

     Moving well and relaxing are the foundations to health. Proper diet and rest even lead to moving better and relaxing even in the midst of a stressful work day.