Marathon Season

  From Boston onto Pittsburgh, long distance runners are competing against others or perhaps against themselves, in marathons. A marathon, be it full, half or part of a relay, requires immense training and a high degree of self-discipline. It also requires a high level of fitness. If a person is fit, do we assume they are healthy? Here is where our thinking is running away from us.

     A few years ago, newspaper articles predating the marathon, suggested running may not be good for you. The stress of long distance running can cause the heart to actually mal-adapt to demanding stress of all types. Wouldn’t this be consistent with Jim Fixx, one of the most famous runners of all time, dying of a heart attack in his early 50’s , while out for a jog?

     What is the point? We tend to get stuck on pain as the true barometer of health. No pain equals healthy. Pain equals “I’ve got a problem.” The side effect of this thinking is we have developed a health care system whose primary concern is fighting pain, mostly through the use of prescription meds. Why is a pain focus not the way to go? The master system of our body, the nervous system, has 10% of its nerves dedicated to pain. The other 90% is not! How does the other 90% speak if not through pain? How about tension or abnormal tone, poor or stuck movement among others.

     Chiropractic focuses on the 90% first, the other 10% last. Take care of the 90% of the nervous system and the painful 10% will often take care of itself.