“Love at First Sight”

love at first siteLove at First Sight

     How about you and your mate?  Was it love at first sight?  As I sat in the restaurant, my girlfriend walking away to the restroom, her niece quickly asked, “So, Jim…was it love at first sight?”  Her face was so full of youthful optimism.  I hated to be such a killjoy.  “No,” I said, “It wasn’t.”

    What is required to have “love at first sight” anyway?  We get so busy with the demands of day-to-day life that we automatically tune out the newness in our environment, including people.  How often do you really notice your lover’s new hairdo or haircut?  So easy to miss!

     Here are a few points of trivia about your nervous system: it and you must be relaxed, or at ease, to trigger your brain to see new.  A great day occurs when you are so at ease you see uniqueness and newness everywhere.  A goal of every chiropractic adjustment is to help your nervous system relax or be in a state of ease – the opposite of dis-ease.

     The second trivia point: the heart reportedly has more nerves going to the brain than the brain does to the heart.  Could this be why we come alive when doing what we love or spending time with people we love?

     The mysterious power of love can be found in the new book “Chuck Noll: His Life’s Work” by Michael MacCambridge.  I was surprised to find out Noll suffered from regular epileptic seizures from childhood on.  The seizures mysteriously stopped when he met his future wife, Marianne.

Love truly is a healer. We must be open to it though,
which requires being relaxed enough to let love in.
Get adjusted, get relaxed, and keep the love flowing.