Louis Pasteur and D.D. Palmer

     Louis Pasteur, the man behind pasteurized milk, died September 28, 1895. On his death bed he proclaimed his belief that the health of the host (you) is more important than the germ.

     How fascinating that D.D. Palmer discovers chiropractic in September 1895, almost the same time Louis Pasteur died. D.D.’s health philosophy was somewhat identical to Louis Pasteur’s death bed statement. D.D. proclaimed the vitality of the nervous system was the most important factor in a person’s ability to adapt to their environment. What’s inside matters more than what’s outside.

     Try out this analogy. You’re sitting in your living room and Mother Nature has just dumped a foot of snow. How important is what’s outside now? Your thoughts are totally focused on the snow and all the activities you have lost for the day; school’s cancelled no trip to the grocery store, you must now shovel and salt. Stress, stress, stress. Somewhere, however, someone is celebrating the foot of snow in their area because of their love of winter activities. It means skiing, building a snowman, sledding, hot chocolate and any other winter paradise theme you can think of.

     It all begins inside. Keep that in mind when fearing the person next to you sneezing.