Location, location, location

     Want a better quality of health? Adopt the real estate rule of value: location, location, location. When it comes to health, the rule is lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle.

     The medical model of care has given us every excuse as to why we aren’t responsible for our own health. After all, it’s in the genes! Have you been taught people around you carry germs which can get you sick? Ever heard when you get old you wear out, starting with the heart (high blood pressure and cholesterol) then joints (knees and hips need replaced)?

     Genes, germs and old age as the cause of your health status is 97% myth. I like the odds of you having a 97% chance of being healthy when you adopt a consistently healthy lifestyle. Believe germs are the cause of all disease? Think about that myth the next time you are kissing the dog after he has canvassed the yard. It’s also easy to find family members much healthier than their parents just as it is easy to find families with consistently poor health. A 93 year old friend of mine still plays tennis 3 times per week. No one told him he was supposed to wear out. His lifestyle of being active has kept him going.

     A lovely, middle aged woman, Joan, made a profound comment recently, as she received her “keep healthy chiropractic adjustment”, “Why can’t people understand a healthy lifestyle improves their life in so many ways?” Right on, Joan.

     Joan isn’t the only one who gets it. The uniqueness of many of our chiropractic patients is that they get it. The side effect is…health naturally.