Lifting Weights and Donuts

     It’s Monday night and I am on my way to the Pitt-Duke game at Peterson Event Center. A record crowd is expected and I am full of excitement…for donuts the next morning. Yes, I am talking about donuts, thank you! Tuesday is workout morning with 30 minutes of weightlifting followed by an excellent hour long yoga class. My excitement is focused on the bakery, strategically placed between the gym and my home. A quick stop off, grab two donuts and dream about eating them while drinking hot coffee on a 5 degree day. I can’t wait for Tuesday morning.

     Suddenly I realize this persistently cold, ever present winter is defeating me. I am developing the habit of picking up donuts at two excellent bakeries, be it Graham’s or Bethel Bakery. My self-discipline needs awakened from its winter slumber. We all know anything great in life, including health, comes with the price of self-discipline. Even a lottery winner needed to be disciplined enough to buy the ticket.

     The first key to discipline is to have something worth being disciplined about. Make it about you or someone you love. Having to show up at your best because you have to be there for your kids, spouse, mate, grandkids, friends or work, notice the power that comes from doing for others.

     Next, achieve increased discipline by being a disciple of you. By that I mean study you and your habits; what you love, like and don’t like. Become more aware of what your habits are producing in your life. There is a reason why “self-discipline” begins with “self”. It’s all about you!

     Put together the habits and lifestyle that produce a lifestyle you enjoy living. Then share your best on a more consistent level!