Life is a Struggle

tug of war

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Makes it Official:

Life is a Struggle

     The Tuesday, Aug 9, 2016 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette used the word “struggle” so many times that you would have thought a struggling writer wrote all of the columns. Pirates star Andrew McCutchen is “struggling” and discusses “struggles” in baseball compared to his childhood. Pitt star James Conner endures a “struggle” to get back to football, overcoming cancer treatment, let alone the cancer.

     An article taking up half a page discussed the terrible murder suicide a young family in Sinking Spring, Penn experienced. The mother of the family, “a possible shooter” according to the article, “struggles with emotions.” The husband was later identified as the true shooter.

     Life is a struggle and we are all faced with the challenge of adapting to life stressers daily. Our body is programmed to adapt through a nervous system that can be trained to become and overcome anything. Be careful of short changing the process by looking for the easy way. No great experience ever occurred due to the drive-thru, instant gratification experience.

     You have the equipment to be trained to be healthy and productive. We help your equipment, your nervous system, with the training process.