Life Begins Before Sex

     Recently a relative shared a quote from her father. I remember her father as this old, wise Italian man. The quote from him to his daughter shortly after marriage was, “If you want to start having babies, start now by giving up alcohol and cigarettes.” Great advice from an old timer.

     We have seen the side effects of medical science attempting to eliminate the side effects of pregnancy with disastrous results. Nature always trumps science. Science works best with nature, not against. The greatest gift you can give a child is a healthy environment while they are developing in the womb. “Giving up alcohol and cigarettes” as well as any harmful chemicals is a wise step to a healthy baby.

     The irony is we know we must protect an unborn child by avoiding chemicals, yet it’s a full scale onslaught of chemicals after birth. Isn’t their body (especially brain) still forming?

     I have personally witnessed the trauma that occurs to an unborn child while the internal environment is compromised by drugs and alcohol. No amount of money spent on medical care can reverse the damages. The physical and mental handicaps cannot be fully reversed.

     For those of us fortunate to have been blessed with parents who gave us a healthy start, continue to honor your body, mind and spirit with healthy habits. Chiropractic care of the spine and nervous system is one of those healthy habits.