Let’s Get Personal (Stress truly kills)

     It was disheartening to see Rob Wyda’s obituary listed in the Post Gazette on August 8, 2013. Rob was only 54 years young, the picture of health, with a positive, kind attitude to match.

     Although Rob was the district magistrate in Bethel, fortunately I never needed his judicial services. I met Rob over 5 years ago at Health Trax, where both of us exercised regularly. He was always easy to talk to and I found his magistrate stories quite interesting. Yes, it was sometimes disturbing to hear of how people manage to get into trouble and stay in trouble.

     So how did a 54 year old, picture of health, happily married, loving father die so young? I have already shared with you his discipline for exercise and share with anyone I know the benefits of exercise. There is more to the story than just exercise and stress.

     Rob encountered a huge stressor when in his late 40’s, early 50’s. As a reservationist in the U.S. military, he was shipped to Afghanistan where he proudly served an extended tour. He left behind his wife and teenage children to serve our country. Rob shared with me the physical damages caused by the stress. It was easy to see he wasn’t the same person after his tour of duty.
What a sacrifice he and his family made. We all lost a truly good man.