Less Pain, More Health

     Here is a trick question for you. Last year approximately 1 million people bought a ½ inch drill bit according to building supply store surveys. So here is the question. Last year, how many people wanted a ½ inch drill bit? The correct answer is zero. What they wanted was a ½ inch hole. The drill bit was just a means to the end.

     Our focus is to help people get healthy. When it comes to chiropractic care, most people think that a person goes to the chiropractor just to get out of pain. Many people do go the chiropractor to get out of pain. I believe the true want or desire of most people is to be healthy. Pain is just one indicator by the body that something could be terribly wrong with their health. Pain can easily cause a fear reaction that something big has gone wrong with the body. This may be why so many people opt for pain pills. The logic is, if the pain goes away with the pills, maybe it isn’t so bad after all. I wish it were that simple. Create a lifestyle that includes chiropractic care. Create a lifestyle with less pain, more health, more life.