Is Your House on Fire?

     A fireman has the vital job of putting out fires. The M.D.’s job is to put out the fire, or emergency, in your body. The fireman shows up with ax and fire hoses, the M.D. works with scalpel and prescription meds.

     It’s been said the damage from the water to put out the fire is often worse than the fire. The same can be said of pills and surgery. As singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell sang, “Doctors pills give you brand new ills.”

     Just as the fireman wants you to prevent fires, the goal of chiropractic care is to reduce dis-ease in your body. When at ease, your nervous system naturally functions at a higher level. Thinking, creativity, all activities improve when at ease. Set a goal to be more relaxed, more of the time.

     In 2015, utilize chiropractic, meditation, yoga, prayer and any other form of relaxation you use to help accomplish the goal of becoming more relaxed. You will reap countless benefits!