Is it Our Nature to be a “Doubting Thomas”?

     Perhaps our fear of being made a fool makes all of us natural doubters. You may recall the bible story in which Thomas states that without seeing Christ in person and touching the nail marks, he refused to believe in a risen Christ. After Christ appears to Thomas, he became known as “doubting Thomas”.

     While sitting in church a few days ago, the gospel of Mark (7:31-37) told the story of Christ instantly curing a deaf mute. Is it likely many hear that biblical story and quickly dismiss it as a fairy tale?

     In September 1895 D.D. Palmer gave the first chiropractic adjustment to a deaf man, Harvey Lillard. Lillard reported improved hearing for the first time in 17 years. The skeptics have a field day doubting Lillard’s basis for improving his hearing.

     Recently, David McCullough brought to life the Wright brothers’ mission to bring flying to mankind. His book points out many fascinating details about the Wright brothers. Many know they flew for the first time on December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk. Did you know it took almost 5 years for society to accept they actually could fly? The doubters persisted in living in their world of “that’s impossible”.

     Coincidentally, both Wilbur and D.D. Palmer died from Typhoid fever. This was a common occurrence in the early 1900’s due to contaminated drinking water.

     Put your doubting away for a day to two now and then. Your life will be better for it.